Friday, January 5, 2007

Since people are asking...

...How to Write Screenplays Badly is kind of dead.

Much like my penis, our book proposal was deemed "too niche" by all the important people in New York, forcing us to divert our questionable talents toward more dependable sources of fame and power, such as murdering hobos on YouTube.

As you can obviously see, the site itself is still around, mainly because, hey, it's free. It might die a protracted and painful death thanks to neglect--again, the penis analogy comes to mind--or I might try a few ideas I've been kicking around, such as a serialized comedy novel, a few short stories, or all the hot, hot hobo-shanking you can stomach.

In any case, thanks for stopping by, folks. I wuv all of you.

...except for the people who don't sign up for the HOT FUZZ Street Team. It's Pegg and Wright, for chrissakes.

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